A&S receives over $67,000 in Academic and Scholarly Excellence Awards

Many faculty members, departments and programs received Academic and Scholarly Excellence Awards for 2013-2014. The Office of Academic Affairs awards funds in several categories from faculty, professional staff and academic administrators to support projects which contribute to the implementation of the SDSU strategic plan. Goal 2 of the  Impact 2018 plan is to promote academic excellence through quality programs, engaged learners and an innovative teaching and learning environment.

“The college did very well in these awards this year, said Associate Dean Kathleen Donovan.  “In the Academic Excellence category, our staff received a total of $23,004, 28 percent of the awards. In the Scholarly Excellence awards, our faculty received a total of $44,395, 40 percent of the total available. Congratulations to everyone who applied and received funding!”

Academic Excellence Fund

Accreditation: Communication Studies & TheatreJ.D. Ackman, $800.

Institutional Program Review: Interdisciplinary StudiesKathy Erdman Becker, Kathleen Donovan and Carey Kilmer, $6,500.

Innovative Teaching: Visual ArtsDiana Behl, Peter Reichardt and Molly Wicks, $1,800.

Diversity and Global Perspective: Journalism & Mass CommunicationMary Arnold, $5,000; Modern Languages & Global StudiesMarie-Pierre Baggett, $5,000 and Molly Enz, $704 and American Indian Studies ProgramRichard Meyers, $3,200.

 Scholarly Excellence Fund

Seed/Start-Up: Visual ArtsAnthony Carton, $8,150.

Humanities/Arts: Communication Studies & TheatreSusan Klemp, $1,080 and William Wood, $1,600 and Visual ArtsScott Wallace, $4,000 and Molly Wicks, $2,900.

Undergraduate Research: PhysicsYung Huh, $2,640 and Communication Studies & Theatre Karla Larson Hunter, $2,105.

Scholarly Dissemination: Communication Studies and TheatreJennifer Anderson, $500, Andrea Carlile, $500, Laurie Haleta, $500, Karla Larson Hunter, $1,000, Rebecca Kuehl, $500, Corey Shelsta, $500, Joshua Westwick, $1,000, Lonnie “Billy” Wilburn, $1,000 and William Wood, $500; EnglishNicole Flynn, $500, Michael Keller, $500, Jason McEntee, $500, Sharon Smith, $170 and Steven Wingate, $500; Geography Hilary Hungerford, $1,000; History, Political Science, Philosophy & Religion Gregory Peterson, $500 and Evren Wiltse, $500;

Modern Languages and Global StudiesJose Alvarez, $1,000, Angela Arneson, $500, Marie-Pierre Baggett, $1,000, Molly Enz, $1,000, Christine Garst-Santos, $1,000, Jason Owens, $500, Maria Ramos-Garcia, $1,000, Maria Spitz, $1,000 and Charlie Yi Zhang, $1,000; Music Nathan Jorgensen, $400, Anthony Lis, $500, Aaron Ragsdale, $300, Andrew Robinette, $300, Emily Wood Toronto, $500, Michael Walsh, $300 and Tammy Yonce, $300; PhysicsYung Huh, $500 and Parashu Ram Kharel, $500; PsychologyTyler Miller, $500 and Visual ArtsCable Hardin, $150.


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