Dean’s Club

Jan. 1, 2015 – Dec. 31, 2015

Dean’s club membership consists of alumni and friends who have contributed $500 or more annually to the College of Arts and Sciences. Dean’s Club members are recognized as devoted friends of the college who make significant impact on the college’s future. Member names will be listed in the SDSU Honor Roll and the college newsletters. They also will receive invitations to special college and university functions, updates from the college dean and an SDSU Dean’s Club car decal.

3M – Brookings
Abbott Laboratories Fund
American Chemical Society
Wayne S. and Jacquie M. Anderson
Bonnie Anderson Rons
Architecture Incorporated
Mary Arnold
Avera Health
Baird Foundation Inc.
Keith A. and Glynn E. Bartels
William P. and Judy M. Bartholow
Jeanine D. and John Basinger
bel brands USA
Don and Carol J. Bender
David J. Bender
Norma M. Benton
Elizabeth Berg
Steven L. Berg
Gerald E. and Shirley Bergum
Bill Nibbelink & Associates
Gregory and Ellen Boekelheide
Sid A. and Barbara Bostic
Deborah A. and Bruce W. Boyle
Allen R. Branum
Don E. and Donna M. Broksieck
Brookings Foundation
Brookings Optimist Club
Sean and Brittany Brooks
Steven D. Buchholz
Robert V. and Donna Burns
Sarah D. Cady
Karen H. Cardenas
David L. and Marcia K. Chicoine
William D. and Andrea B. Christensen
Larry L. Christensen
David E. and Barbara A. Christianson
Jane R. Christman
Carolyn L. Clague and Dennis L. Hopfinger
CNA Foundation
Jeffrey A. and Angie P. Coplan
Keith W. and Roxanne Corbett
Robert J. Cordts
Daktronics Inc.
James and Edna A. Dam
Lynn M. and Brian Darnall
Maxine S. and Lloyd L. Darnall
David W. and Patricia A. Dartt
Thomas L. and Sherry De Boer
Deluxe Corporation Foundation
Richard L. Deming
Larry L. and Lois J. Denison
Margaret H. Denton
Den-Wil Inc.
Russell J. and Paula R. Derickson
Designworks Inc.
Dian Graves Owen Foundation
Bradley M. and Susan K. Doeden
Kathleen M. Donovan
Maxine F. Dornbush
James W. Dunn
Mary E. and Jack East
Jeffrey R. Eckhoff
Dorothea B. Edgington
James O. and Rita M. Edwards
Robert F. Eickhoff
Jeanne Enderson
Charles A. and Valerie Erpenbach
Steve W. and Michelle A. Erpenbach
Donald P. and Carol O. Evenson
Mark M. Everhart
Sandra T. Faltemier
Jerome C. and Mary E. Fiedler
First Dakota National Bank-Yankton
Karl T. Fischer
Paul V. Fishback
D. Paul Fleming
Woody and Betty L. Franklin
Tamila Fraser
Gage Brothers Concrete
Frank R. Gailor
Joseph A. and Sue H. Giddings
William R. Gilbert
Mary M. Gill
Arlene P. Gomer
Peggy Gordon Miller
Linda C. Groon
Nicole Grove
Gail M. Gullickson
George A. and De Loris Gulson
Larry P. and Barbara J. Gunderson
Richard L. Gunderson
Merlin M. and Maxine M. Hackbart
Arlan R. and Cheryl Hagena
Bruce G. Haggar
Alexander and Laurie L. Haleta
Terry L. and Debra K. Harris
Mike J. and Jennifer E. Hart
Gretchen I. and Warren G. Hatfield
Michael F. and Jean M. Haug
Spencer L. and Barbara Hawley
Mildred S. Hedrick
Jean E. Heilman Grier and David A. Grier
Flash G. and Kathleen E. Helm
Todd A. and Linda D. Helmers
John P. and Lisa Hendrickson
Susie Hendrickson
Roger W. Hexem
Joseph W. Hickenbottom
David C. and Julie V. Hilderbrand
Bill A. and Carolyn Hinks
Ronald Hirko
Kay Cee Hodson
Matthew D. and Julie E. Hofer
Joan M. and Ed P. Hogan
Richard P. and Joanie S. Holm
Steven J. Holwerda
Patricia Holzemer Safavi
Horace Fishback III Estate
Richard A. and Kathryn A. Howard
David D. and Mary B. Howard
Bridget and Patrick Hoye
Thomas C. and Kathy Hruby
Brad J. Hustad
Richard J. Hustead
Larry F. Ingalls
Kenneth J. and Pearl K. Ivers
Julie K. Ivers-Turpin
Steven D. Jacobs
James Valley Nursery, Inc.
Joe D. and LouAnn D. Jensen
Redetta A. Jensen
Vaughn K. Jensen and Susan L. Moe
David A. Taylor and Melody E. Jewell
David J. and Norma M. Johnson
Craig H. and Dee L. Johnson
Gordon M. Johnson and Barb A. Schnell
Martin M. Johnson
Eluned Jones and David Chalmers
Jean I. Jongewaard
Jerry D. and JoAnn H. Jorgensen
Thomas G. and DeeDee Josten
Ralph W. and Jean G. Julian
Kendra K. and Dean E. Kattelmann
Michelle M. Kelly
Paul M. and Susan Kippley
Randy L. and Sue E. Knutzen
Phillip A. and Ellen M. Kohl
Charles L. Kopel
Jake J. and Phyllis E. Krull
Betty A. and Eugene W. Larsen
Jeff A. and Sarah R. Larson
Ronald J. LaVallee
Lawrence B. Embry
Alan S. and Kay Leibel
Peter H. and Deborah L. Leiferman
Steven J. Lincoln
Joan Livingstone
Brian A. and Maureen A. Logue
Jerome J. and Jolene M. Lohr
William V. Lucas
Robert J. Macek
Hugh P. and Cari L. Mack
Sara Madsen
Louis J. and Pauline Y. Manus
David C. Martin
Donald R. and Theresa Maxwell
John M. and Carol E. Mc Grath
Casey J. McEnelly
Jason T. McEntee
Melby Photography
MetLife Foundation
Jesse R. and Jenny A. Miller
Nathlee L. Moran
James B. and Dorothy A. Morgan
Karen A. and Clement Morgan
Gordon J. and Dolores Mydland
Jane A. Nachtigal Eastlund
Jeff A. Nelson
Nancy J. Nelson
Robert L. and Sharen L. Nelson
Thomas A. Nelson
Larry F. and Diane Ness
Laurie A. Nichols
Ruth M. Olson
Douglas D. and Julie B. Osnes
Gerald W. and Rebecca L. Ostgaard
Matthew J. and Rachel J. Pajl
Ivan S. Palmer
Dennis and Karen Papini
Howard W. and Lou A. Paulson
PCI Foundation
Pearson Education
Mary J. Perpich
Alan R. and Janice M. Peterson
Raymond L. Peterson
Gregory D. Petrik
Patricia J. Pierce
John C. and Jennifer L. Pietila
Sharon E. Prendergast
Duane C. and Harriet F. Quail
Charles R. Raasch and Sandra K. Johnson
Ross A. and Laura J. Rames
Mark W. and Katie K. Rau
George F. and Dadee Reilly
Evan M. and Diane G. Renz
David and Rina Reynolds
Kathleen Ridder
Michael J. Ritter
Kevin C. and Debra D. Roberts
Les Roberts
Michael L. and Nancy A. Roberts
James F. Roth USN(Ret)
Stephanie L. Russo DVM
Anita Sarkees Bahr
David E. and Laurie J. Schaefer
Peter R. and Mary S. Schaefer
Gertrude E. Schmieding
John D. Schneider
Suzanne K. Schuelke
George J. Schulte
SDSU Department of Consumer Science
James E. Sear
Chuck and Dorie Sendelbach
Sideline Productions
Mark A. Sippel
Richard L. and Judy A. Smith
Norman D. and Jaye S. Smith
Robert S. and Teresa J. Snoozy
Steven C. Snyder
Lyle D. and Donna M. Solem
South Dakota Interior Designers
South Dakota Newspaper Association
South Dakota Nursery and Landscape Association
Robert R. and Lisa A. Springer
Karen C. Stabler
Harlan C. and Dian Stai
State Farm Companies Foundation
Jean and Michael T. Steele
John M. and Laurie Stiegelmeier
Ojars S. and Jo Ann Strauss
Barbara A. and Scott Teal
David Thompson
Thrivent Gift Multiplier
Gary L. and Gena A. Timmerman
Robert K. and Diane C. Todd
Janelle K. Toman
Mark A. Traylor
TSP, Inc.
Jerald A. and Nancy Tunheim
Michael G. and Cara J. Uken
Keith D. Rounds and Cathy J. Vander Wal Rounds
Albert D. and Terri L. Veen
Victory Schorz Advertising LLC
Vernon P. and Cathrene M. Voelzke
Eric W. and Marilee K. Vogel
Russell C. and Debra J. Vogt
Lynn A. Von Eschen
Marlenna and Darwin E. Walker
Wall Drug Inc.
Harold R. Warner
Cathy J. Wasem
Weiland Funeral Chapel
Wellmark Foundation
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
Wells Fargo Bank, NA
Douglas R. and Donna J. Wermedal
Michael K. Whitford
Zeno W. Wicks, III and Roxanne Savaryn-Wicks
Harold Widvey
William Mibra and Byrne Griffith Foundation
K. Gay and Paul Witherington
Bradley D. Woldt
James V. and Penny L. Woster
Robert A. and Sara J. Wylie
Xcel Energy-Minneapolis