Donovan retires from dean’s office

Talented, caring and committed were only a few of the kind words that came to the mind of College of Arts and Sciences Dean Dennis Papini when asked to describe his coworker and friend, Kathleen Donovan.p22-Donovan,-Kathleen-(4c300)

Donovan, having served her sixth year and final semester this spring as associate dean for the College of Arts and Sciences, has made lasting impacts on not only the college she served, but also the people who surrounded her. She lived up to the reputation she earned as a trusted colleague and dependable friend.

“Kathleen genuinely cares about people, she cares about the quality of academic experience we are providing students and faculty through the process of teaching and learning, she cares about kindness and civility in the interactions that we engage in on a daily basis, she believes in serving others and the greater public good,” Papini said.

Donovan brought positivity to the office, always managing to light up the work environment no matter the situation. “Her use of humor made the challenges we all faced more manageable. She had an uncanny ability to lift the spirits of her colleagues,” Papini said.

But along with her light-hearted humor, she posses a gift of determination, “She was bedrock,” Papini said, as he explained her ability to take control of a situation, rather than let it control her. And when it came to giving an honest opinion, she could always do so without losing perspective, he continued.

While at SDSU, Donovan committed both her time and effort to develop curriculum and maintain the culture of the college, all while serving as an exceptional advocate and role model for women and leadership. She was devoted, always looking to serve SDSU and its students.

“I will surely miss all of the personal qualities that Kathleen has brought to the college, but her effect on the culture of the college, a culture that values caring, sensitivity, inclusiveness and a dedication to equity will persist long after she has retired,” Papini said.

Donovan’s contributions to the college will without a doubt endure, for she has left her fingerprint on the culture of the college, as well as its colleagues and students.

“You could count on her for an honest opinion without losing perspective, especially on those of us who valued her investment of time and talent to continue to order our personal and professional lives along these values,” Papini said.

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