Evren Wiltse attends development workshop in Cuba

Evren Wiltse Cuba 4

Evren Wiltse and a worker who was cutting down the thick sugar cane stalks with his machete in the organic coop fields .

Evren Wiltse Cuba 3

The photo is from an organic cooperative in Havana that has over 500 members.

Evren Wiltse, assistant professor of political science, attended a workshop on “Sustainable Development & Organic Urban Agriculture in Cuba” in November. Workshop participants visited urban gardens, cooperatives, schools that were supplied with the produce from urban gardens, pharmacies, dairy farms and  other cultural venues.

Wiltse, in her second year at SDSU, is a political scientist who specializes on development and democratization. Her regional specialization is on Latin America and the Middle East. Originally from Turkey, she received her doctorate from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. She teaches courses in current world problems, Latin American politics and Middle East politics.

Her research trip to Cuba was partly funded by the College of Arts & Sciences and by the Honors College.

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