Liza McCann

Two majors, life and a part-time job create a busy time

Most students who attend a four-year university graduate with one major. Junior Liza McCann is majoring in both graphic design and advertising. She also has a part-time job and is trying to figure out how to live a balanced life.p16-Liza-McCann-Double-majoring-art

When McCann came to SDSU, she was a nursing major. After taking anatomy and chemistry classes, she realized her passion for nursing was not there.

“I realized after two years of majoring in nursing, it wasn’t for me. I couldn’t see myself in that position for the rest of my life.”

Throughout her life, McCann excelled in art classes and has been able to express herself in ways that are unique or different. “I’ve always been a creative person and wanted to pursue majors that allowed me to show that.”

McCann said that, although being a double major carries a lot of responsibilities, she finds it extremely rewarding.

“Trying to pursue two majors can be stressful at times, but I am able to push myself and create so many opportunities that can play an important role in my future,” she said.

Having a job, going to school full-time with two majors, and trying to balance a personal life can be overwhelming. As McCann continues to push herself to finish her degrees next year, she says that being a double major is a lot of work. “It is extremely rewarding and will ultimately benefit me, and help me excel further in my career.”

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