Mobridge ‘End of Line’ project underway


During the August Mobridge City Council meeting, Brian Rex, Architecture Department Head, presented a basic design for the End of Line Project.  The project name comes from the railroad passenger and freight drop-off at Wrigley Square. Working with a team of SDSU professors, students and a corporate sponsor, Mobridge is reinventing its downtown now that the historical rail yards are gone and Main Street can be extended to the banks of the Missouri River.


In August, the Council approved moving forward with the project.  A team of nine undergraduate students met with community members and did the heavy leg work getting the site prepared and surveyed for the Sept. 16  City Council meeting. During that  meeting, Council members will provide input on what they would like to see in the $80,000 project.

Rex also showed the group a number of views of an elevated structure to be built with precast concrete panels in partnership with Gage Brothers of Sioux Falls, the company funding the project.  The project team includes 15 students and six others connected with the university. Team members are: Tom Kelly of Gage Brothers; Rex,Tad Bradley, Josh Wagner and Alex Krug, Architecture; Don Burger, Plant Sciences; and Christine Stewart, English

See the full text of an August 21st article about the project published in the Mobridge Tribune at



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