Transformational giving and the joy of changing lives

For some alumni, giving to South Dakota State University has been transactional rather than transformational. They receive a phone call from a student assisting with the “Phone Jacks” annual calling, make a commitment and send in their gift. It is truly a transaction. While we certainly hope that alumni enjoy chatting with the student callers, update current employment and other information, for many that is as far as it goes until next year.    p23-Reynolds-Rina_0711

For others, giving is a joyful and engaging experience with a much deeper connection. That is when it gets fun.

As Dean Papini and I visit alumni, work with department heads and faculty, and tell the story of the myriad advances and exciting changes that are taking place on campus and in the classroom, which are even permanently changing the facilities in which students learn, alumni like you are making the difference.

The impact that you can have, is not necessarily measured in the size of your gift. Maybe you are interested in learning how you, like George Gulson (’62, music) might help with the Performing Arts Center expansion and the new theater?

Perhaps it is the creativity of your gift that could support undergraduate research in chemistry and biochemistry like the new East Family Undergraduate Fellowship.

Maybe you’d like to support publications by student writers as Anita Sarkees Bahr (’65, English) does with her gift to help with the annual “Oakwood” journal in English.

Or, perhaps you want to honor someone who inspired you or introduced you to your talent with a scholarship. Perhaps like Karen Alickson McComish (’75, sociology), you might establish an endowment to benefit the department where you earned your degree.

The work we can do together to impact students is limited only by your imagination, inclination to give, and the partnerships we can forge to benefit South Dakota State University. What if your gift could transform students, faculty and facilities on campus? What if giving actually transformed you?

Please think of how your life has been positively shaped and changed since you graduated from State and how it evolved while you were a student. How can we work together to transform the lives of others? I welcome your call, email or visit, and I look forward to helping you experience transformational giving.

Rina Reynolds
Development Director for the
College of Arts and Sciences, SDSU Foundation

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