Transitional bridges in biochemistry

Building bridges between academia and hospitals has become a priority for South Dakota State University. Jim Rice, head of the chemistry department, would call it a “translational bridge” between the two.p28--biochem-8

Through this process, the needs of both Sanford Medical Center and SDSU will be met by providing education and experience in an enriching environment; and students will be able to leave SDSU with a doctorate in biochemistry, the only program of its kind offered in the state.

“If you want to teach biochemistry, you have to have the background to do so. The biochemistry field is a constantly changing discipline in terms of knowledge and research. I am happy with the career goals I have achieved at this point,” said Christopher Solis of Costa Rica, a graduate student in the biochemistry program who is completing his dissertation in summer 2015. He plans to use his education to become a professor.

The program is currently receiving national visibility for graduate students. The biochemistry Ph.D. is in its first year and has been enjoyed by students. Emmy Bailey, a first-year graduate student from Wyoming, Michigan, is shown in the photo testing the microscope in one of its simplest forms, and yet the process is much more complicated than meets the eye.

Jenna Croymans

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